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I started my HVAC journey when I was only 17 years old so I could simply help my mother “make ends meet”.  Unfortunately, my father passed away when I was eight years old, and my mother had the sole responsibility to provide for my older brother and me, which was our family.  Starting work at 17 years old, I found myself in a local utility company as an operator, overseeing an old coal boiler. That boiler was run by a highly sophisticated device, which was actually the trending technology at the time back then. Everybody called it a shovel. You just grabbed coal with that shovel and threw it into the boiler stove! When your shovel starts glitching, you update it with a newer model, the shovel 14, and repeat the process.  If you work really hard, you can turn your shovel into a gigapixel camera, and it becomes so shiny that you can take a selfie with it!  I am sure you get the idea.  I had to earn everything I bought through hard work, sweat, and tears.


As you can see, I started in the HVAC trade of H (Heating) by shoveling coal, and very soon after that, I transitioned to AC (Air Conditioning) and V (Ventilation). For almost 30 years, I have been working in the H V AC letters on a daily basis! 
And more recently, for the last 14 years, the emphasis has been in the AC realm, thanks to the Florida weather!  You know, when your AC isn’t working, and it's 95 degrees outside with summertime humidity at 90%, it becomes readily apparent that we are all living in a swamp under a very big ball of fire.  Of course, they call it the “Sunshine State” for a reason, but the state nickname left out the part that needed to say “AC Is Required”.


I have always gravitated towards taking something broken and transforming it into a working part.  In many instances, that means taking something old and making it new again. This creates a sense of accomplishment for me, like when you do the job right, and you put your seemingly tiny solution into the universal mosaic of life. I remember once trying to fix a light switch on a desk lamp when I was ten years old. Well . . . I got a big surprise in the way of a strong shock, and that really got my attention.  I learned there are both hot and neutral wires, and ever since that experience, I know better than to connect them together, EVER!  I suppose what mattered is not that I knew the technical reasons of electrical current and how electricity works, but the result is that I fixed that lamp, and I was proud of myself.  I guess I was also lucky I did not electrocute myself to the point that I was no longer living! And so, with that story, a technician was born!



Beyond the technician, I’ve always had an entrepreneurial itch that some call the spirit to build, grow, and expand. The entrepreneur in me enjoys engaging with people.  I like to help people.  You should appreciate the interaction with people to successfully conduct commerce, build your company and offer a service that people want and need.

Eventually, I decided to open up my own HVAC business in 2014 in the beautiful state of Florida. Since then, I have fixed and replaced countless air conditioning systems.  Now I aim to develop a company that will be considered # 1 by its customers. My company will be evaluated based on the value of service we bring to the customer- the highest level of expertise, attention to detail, reliability, excellent communication, and most of all, fairness. This is a company that clients can truly trust and testify by saying, "O! HVAC Depot? They’ve got you covered!"

My promise as founder and owner of HVAC Depot to you, as my customer, is "We always do it the right way, not the easy way."  I am sure we’ve all heard about some terrible companies and some good companies that service the HVAC industry. I would personally like to have the opportunity to earn your trust in our company, HVAC Depot.  I would like you to know that we keep our promises, and we will stand behind our name.  We deeply appreciate having you as our customer, and your trust in our business is never taken for granted. We believe in earning your trust and providing you with the best service, every single time, whether you are a first-time customer or a customer, we have had and serviced for many years. 

Whether it is preventive maintenance on your AC system, or AC repair, or even full AC replacement, you can rest assured: 

“HVAC Depot will do it the right way, every time, all the time!”

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Frequently asked questions

  • How to schedule AC service
    The best way to schedule our service is through the "book online" button; it will open our calendar with available time slots and a list of services available. For example, you can book an online AC repair or maintenance service. You also can book a Free estimate service for New AC/Heat pump and so on. Each service has a detailed description of inclusions and exclusions; please read it carefully. You can always call us, and we will gladly schedule your service or answer your questions over the phone. Due to the HVAC service business nature , sometime we can't answer the phone immediately, please leave us a message, and we will return your call within an hour or less. The online booking system reflects our availability in full. If specific time slots are unavailable, we are fully booked for this specific time slot. Cancellation policy is applied; please read the cancellation policy in each service description while booking online.
  • What is the difference between AC repair, tune-up, and a FREE Estimate for New AC?
    What is the difference between AC repair, tune-up, and a FREE Estimate for New AC? In simple terms, those services mentioned above cant be combined; for example, if you have scheduled a Free estimate, we will not be able to provide AC maintenance and AC repair during that Free estimate visit for free. AC/Heat repair service call - when your AC starts giving you trouble. The AC system stopped cooling or heating, making noises, can't reach a set point on thermostats, and so on. In other words- you realize that your system is malfunctioning or has stopped working, it's time to make a service call. AC/Heat Tune-up - you have no issues with your AC/Heat system and would like to keep it this way by joining our Preventive maintenance club. Typically Tune-up is provided before the cooling season /heating season starts. NEW AC - free estimate - when you need a new AC, book your Free estimate; at this time, we will evaluate your needs and offer the best equipment base on the parameters of your house. We always have a few options, from practical and affordable solutions to the most advanced and top system on the market, such as BOSH IDS 2.0. inverter systems. Regardless of your choice, you can be assured that this is the most reliable equipment on the market. We are vetting our vendors seriously and spend a tremendous amount of time keeping up with current HVAC trends. We also use a holistic approach to your house's "energy conservation" health. During the visit, we will evaluate your ductwork, building envelope/openings, and so on. Easy Financing is always available.
  • What is remote AC monitoring and how it works?
    Air Conditioning remote monitoring package includes a variety of Smart sensors connected to your Air Conditioner or Heat pump; it includes pressure and temperature sensors, and water/flood sensors, indoor temperature/humidity sensors can be added on. Those sensors transmit data to our portal and generate alarms when something is off. 24/7/365. It lets us detect an issue at its early stages, see exactly what the issue is, and send our technician immediately. It provides greater comfort and saves money on big repairs. The remote monitoring system can detect clogged drain lines, "freon" leaks, abnormal behavior of HVAC equipment, water flood, water consumption, and abnormal temperature and humidity inside the house. No Wi-Fi is needed. It runs on the cellular network built into the equipment. How much does it cost? Cost consists of two parts. 1. The subscription fee is $ 20 /Month and is typically added to our smart preventive maintenance plan. 2. Cost of equipment and installation - one-time fee. Again, it will depend on the configuration of your remote monitoring package; the labor cost to install AC remote monitoring package is $ 120 per AC system, regardless of the number of sensors. Equipment costs start from $ 360 for essential monitoring ( AC/Heat Pump only). The flood sensor ( to monitor the drain line ) is $ 120. The indoor Humidity and Temp sensor are $ 120. Flood sensors can be added to any area exposed to water damage. Flow sensors (add-on) can be strapped on your existing Water flowmeter and detect flood automatically and shut off your water system ( through added shut-off valve). Please be advised that all works pertaining to water devices, such as shut-off valves, will be provided thru a licensed plumbing company. Please get in touch with us with any questions.
  • What is a SEER/SEER2 rating?
    SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating. SEER is expressed in numerical values, such as SEER 14, SEER 18, SEER 20, and so on. Those numerical values are obtained by dividing AC equipment capacity ( 3 ton, 4 ton, and so on) by Electrical Energy the system consumed, expressed in watts per hour. You can think about SEER as you think about MPG on a car. The higher the number, the higher the efficiency. Let's say you need 3 ton AC/Heat Pump system. It could be SEER 15 or SEER 20. Both will deliver the same amount of cooling, 3 ton, but seer 15 will use more electrical energy from the grid to produce that 3 tons of cooling VS. SEER 20. In other words, you will not compromise capacity with a lower SEER rating, but your Electrical Utility Bill will be higher on a lower SEER system. Also, a higher SEER system has other advantages; it's typically quiet and smooth, provides better comfort, and so on. The new standard is SEER2, which is almost the same as SEER, but more restricted due to new DOE regulations.
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